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A roundup of tools and resources!

We’ve recently updated our listing of  some tools and resources  from partners and other nonprofit allies that we think you may find useful.  Browse the full list on our website: or simply click on one of the categories below.

Board Development & Governance
Capacity Building & Strategic Planning
Collaborations & Coalition Building
Community Building & Community Development
Community Organizing
Domestic Violence
Evaluation & Working with Consultants
Facilitation, Forums & Surveys
Fundraising, Grant writing & Budgeting
Gender, Gender Identity, LGBTQ
Immigration & Refugee Issues
Leadership Development & Intergenerational Issues
Media & Communications
Organizational Assessment & Development
Policy Advocacy
Racial Equity & Asset-Based Approaches
Responsive Philanthropy
Social Justice & Movement Building


Technology (for nonprofits)
Theory of Social Change

+ General sites with more resources

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Giving Circles ~ AAPIP’s Community Philanthropy

We are often asked how AAPIP approaches Community Philanthropy.  Here’s a short description of this innovative program area and a list of frequently asked questions from the AAPIP website.

What is Community Philanthropy?

AAPIP seeks to increase, encourage and facilitate giving by and for individuals in Asian Americans/Pacific Islander communities. AAPIP’s goal is to grow and demonstrate new models of philanthropy. AAPIP’s community philanthropy is currently comprised of regional giving circles and the National Donor Circle.

What is a Giving Circle?

A giving circle is a group of volunteers raising, pooling and granting money together. Giving circles allow for a wide range of giving style, philosophy and values. Some giving circle members just donate money while others volunteer their time, skills and expertise in the organizations their giving circle funds. Giving circles also provide social networks, leadership development, peer support and learning among its members.

AAPIP incubated giving circles to support and engage individual Asian American and Pacific Islanders as donors. Since 2005, over 600 AAPI donors have pooled their money and time to award close to $600,000 to 70 API non-profit organizations. AAPIP will continue to provide technical assistance, training, leverage philanthropic resources, convening and provide leadership to giving circles as a commitment to growing philanthropy within the community, from the grassroots.

Learn About Giving Circles

Asian American Giving Circle of Greater Houston
Asian Giving Circle (Chicago)
Asian Women Giving Circle (New York)
Cherry Blossom Giving Circle (Washington DC)
Hmong Women Giving Circle (Minnesota)
Los Angeles API Giving Circle
Lunar Giving Circle (San Francisco Bay Area)
Muslim Women Giving Circle (San Francisco Bay Area)
Saffron Circle (Boston)
South Asian Giving Circle (San Francisco Bay Area)

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NGEC OFP’s Online Community ~ how we’re using

NGEC's Online Learning Community on Ning

NGEC's Online Learning Community on Ning

Since last summer, NGEC’s Organizational Fellowship Program (OFP) members have been participating in an online learning community we started on

With 6 organizations based in California and 6 based in Minnesota in the OFP , NGEC wanted to experiment with ways to bridge the distances through an online accessible space for folks to stay in touch, share information, and conduct peer learning.  Although there were many options out there for social networking platforms (including things like Facebook or customizable platforms like, Elgg) Ning has turned out to be a good choice for us for several reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

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NGEC Guide: An Organization’s Theory of Social Change (TOSC)

NGEC Theory of Social Change

NGEC Theory of Social Change Guide

“Chronicles of Change: A Guide to an Organization’s Theory of Social Change”

NGEC believes that all social justice organizations are drivers of change and delivery agents of solutions in the social justice movement. As such, each should have a Theory of Social Change (TOSC) to be most effective and sustainable.

As part of the journey in the NGEC’s Organizational Fellowship Program (OFP), we developed this 80-page guide to help the cohort groups in our 3-year program through the larger process of defining or refining their organization’s role in the social justice movement.   We believe that the combination of process and product makes a TOSC critical to organizational transformation.   The activities detailed in this guide can help groups  identify existing organizational assets and suggests ways to effectively engage organizational stakeholders in the TOSC development process.

Open in document viewer

Download PDF version

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“Case Foundation Launches Initiative to Help Nonprofits Leverage Social Media”

“Case Foundation Launches Initiative to Help Nonprofits Leverage Social Media”

via Philanthropy News Digest

Gear Up for Giving - Case Foundation

It’s time to “Gear Up for Giving”: “The Washington, D.C.-based Case Foundation has announced the launch of a month-long initiative, Gear Up for Giving, designed to help nonprofits leverage social media to raise money and awareness.

Although research has shown that nonprofits are adopting social media tools at a faster rate than most Fortune 500 companies, many nonprofits still struggle to harness those tools in a way that increases awareness, donations, and engagement. To address the problem, Gear Up for Giving will offer training, expert advice, and resources designed to help nonprofits and individuals navigate the
world of social media.”

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