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Social Justice Philanthropy Resources (via

from Rosetta Thurman’s blog: a recent discussion and a roundup of links to resources on Social Justice Philanthropy below…

Real Talk About Race and its Impact on Social Justice Philanthropy”

“… a frank discussion about the current dynamics of social justice philanthropy, and how race, in particular, impacts this work in the nonprofit sector. How much progress has been made in this arena of social change? What’s happening right now? Guests include:

What do we already know about social justice philanthropy? It seems that there is a definite distinction between it and what we might call “traditional philanthropy.” But how is it defined? A 2003 whitepaper from National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) contains this definition:

Social justice philanthropy is the practice of making contributions to nonprofit organizations that work for structural change and increase the opportunity of those who are less well off politically, economically and socially.

As well as the assertion that:

NCRP believes that social justice philanthropy involves giving to create a more equitable distribution of power — to truly reform institutions so that the need for chronic charity is eliminated. This, we believe, is the most important role that philanthropy plays in our democracy.

Beyond those basic ideas, though, social justice philanthropy seems open to interpretation, a sentiment echoed by Albert Ruesga in several articles below. And why do we need to talk about race along with social justice philanthropy? Because, as we all know, people of color have historically been disadvantaged, or less well off politically, economically and socially. The real question is, can we NOT talk about race as part of this work?

“Here are more than a few good resources to continue our thinking about social justice philanthropy: what it is, what it’s not, and what it could be.”

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