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Build the wheel is a collaborative initiative, coordinated by the Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action (PILA), to help strengthen community empowerment efforts across the country. is being designed as an online, interactive, learning community where staff and community leaders from diverse organizations, neighborhoods, cities and issue areas can come together to build upon each others’ practice, experiences and learning in popular political education and leadership development… a space where community leaders and organizations seeking to affect policy change through community organizing and civic participation strategies will gain access to tools, curricula and resources to more effectively educate ourselves and the community constituents, members and leaders we work with.” ~ graphic by Coon Lam ~ graphic by Coon Lam

Content Partners include:

Building Movement ProjectCalifornians for JusticeCatalyst ProjectChinese Progressive Association – San FranciscoDataCenterHighlander Research and Education CenterMobilize the Immigrant Vote, Movement GenerationMovement Strategy Center, National Organizers AllianceOrganizers for AmericaPeople Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic RightsSchool of Unity & Liberation, United for a Fair Economy

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